Bouldering & Yoga Trip Fontainbleau


France Fontainbleau Bouldering & Yoga holiday 2024 

Quick facts

Dates: 1-7 April 2024

Cost: 649,- EUR excl. transportation, accommodation and food


01.4. – Arrival day
02.4. – Information round: Area & Standards, update on correct spotting & laying out crash pads, getting used to the rock
3.-6.4. – Bouldering, yoga, bouldering... (Depending on the condition of your muscles and skin, we will boulder every day, or take a full or half rest day)
Yoga, Input on technique, outdoor bouldering, project planning, etc. depending on the level of the group
07.04 – Departure day

Requirements: basic bouldering skills (indoor) sufficient. No outdoor experience required

Accommodation: Camping, or a shared Chalet 

Getting there: self-organised by public transportation, car or flight. If you need assistance, just get in touch

Food: We’ll cook and go out for dinners together

Number of participants: minimum 8, maximum 14

Who is this trip for? For people who are keen on a fantastic Bouldering & Yoga holiday in a legendary location


Would you like to boulder harder, or be mentally stronger? You get this on this trip! 

We cater to your individual needs within the group. 

Whether you're "simply gathering more outdoor experience experience on the rock" and technical tips, to mental training and projecting, we support you specifically where you are.

On the first day our focus is on creating safety within the group and improving relevant skills so that you

can comfortably rely on each other for safe spotting. 

Then we will design the week together with you. Every group is different.

We bring experience from all areas (technique, safety, fall training / fear of falling, mental training & tactics as well as projecting routes) and are at your side with this wealth of experience.

Depending on your wishes, we will have small input rounds on specific bouldering topics, with subsequent exercises and there will be enough time to simply boulder a lot.

Our main concern is to have fun together, to move you forward and to create a sense of achievement.

Yoga and Feldenkrais

The practice will support you directly to improve your skills on the rock: both physically as well as mentally. 

Improved self-awareness allows you to move harmoniously, saving energy as well as to feel safe and confident.
Through an increased connection to your breathing, you get a feeling of self-control and inner orientation.

The morning practice is designed to wake up the body and prepare you for climbing. 

After climbing we will use the practice to relax and stretch out any sore muscles ☺ 

Trip philosophy

Bouldering trips are never just about bouldering 😉
Therefore, enjoying the evening, enjoying the places, the climbing lifestyle and being out and about is also an important part of the week.
Pain au chocolat, café au lait and a little culture can also accompany us. We will be following you, so if you want to boulder all the time, we'll do just that.
If we need a day off, Fontainebleau itself and of course also Paris invite you to visit 🙂
What the evening program looks like depends on you.
But one thing is certain: it should be cozy with delicious food and good conversations!
Bouldering brings people together, regardless of the level they are at.

Expect a diverse group of people who have one thing in common: the fun of being outside, together, bouldering.

What you end up regretting are the things you did not do! What you do remember are moments and people

Who are your coaches? 

Masha is a Yoga and Feldenkrais teacher with 24 years of climbing experience. She is also a climbing instructor.

Climbing and its values have shaped my life – I’ve lived in many countries and made my biggest decisions in life with climbing as my main driver. It has given me strength and purpose when I thought I had none any longer and it has given me the best moments in life as well! 

Now, I’m looking forward to returning to this magic place, to combine the experience of 11 years of solid Yoga teaching, anatomy, bodywork and meditation with bouldering.  

 Bunge is a freelance sport climbing instructor and systemic consultant who combines her two passions.

Climbing and the lifestyle around it have shaped my life for 11 years now.

Climbing means so many things to me. At the forefront are travel and freedom. But also dealing with myself as a person makes climbing so valuable to me.

When you climb, you never learn to climb just for the sake of it. A lot of knowledge and new steps in climbing open up new paths and possibilities in everyday life.

It is precisely this beautiful, playful confrontation with oneself and also with the rope partner that make climbing so valuable and special for me.

Here you can find out more about me & can assess wether you want to hang with me for a week ☺

Travel destination Fontainbleau

What can I say? If you're not yet convinced about bouldering outdoors, you haven't been to Fontainebleau yet 😉 It's the largest bouldering area in the world with one of the longest bouldering traditions.

The area is simply wonderful. Basically a big playground for adults.

Easily accessible, amazing boulders in all difficulties, best rock and great jumping off area.

In addition, you learn to stand really well on your feet and improve your technique.

Your advantages / content of the trip

5 day bouldering and yoga course with individual input during these 5 days!

Depending on your climbing level + wishes, you get:

- Skills for reading a topo, exploring the best areas and finding your way around

- Technique analysis and technique tips to improve your bouldering level

- Correct spotting & making the ground safe so that you can spot with confidence

- Yoga and Feldenkrais units to evolve your climbing 

- Individual anatomy and movement assessment and coaching 

- A cool bunch of people & a fun week of vacation

- A trainer who is knowledgeable about the area and who you can answer all your questions

- Humor, joy, positivity, serenity & motivation


For booking, please use Aletta's booking platform at RockandBeyond:

You can find all further information there, as well as here in the terms and conditions. For all other cases, in the event of illness, etc., we recommend you get your own seminar cancellation insurance. For example Hanse Merkur provides one.

Are you unsure, do you have any questions or want to get in touch with us?

... here our contact details



Masha Kovacs +43 67764002545

Aletta Bunge +49 174 39 428 01





Photos: (C) Masha Kovacs, Aletta Bunge